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Mood Enhances

A lot of us are suffering from low moods, energy or creativity especially in these dark days of Covid19. There are 10 Essential Oils that will help improve all of the above.

1. Lemon Essential Oil— when diffused it’s refreshing and cooling especially when feeling hot and bothered. Helps produce clarity of thought making it a good study and concentration aid

2. Orange Essential Oil- the oil that adds a touch of sunshine on a bleak day, uplifting moods, great for energy, making you feel more focused and productive. Lifting your mood and helping you find it easier to get out of stress and depression that can cause fatigue

3. Eucalyptus Essential Oil—besides treating issues like asthma, loss of appetite, stuffy nose etc., it has a cooling effect upon emotions, clears the head and aids concentration.

4. Grapefruit Essential Oil- has an overall uplifting and reviving effect making it valuable in states of stress. Has a balancing action on the nerves stabilising manic-depression. Euphoric and slightly hypnotic

5. Cinnamon Essential Oil—It has a warming effect on the body and is excellent for exhausted states and feelings of weakness and depression. A very powerful oil so should be used sparingly and on occasion not a regular basis.

6. Peppermint Essential Oil— it’s cooling nature relieves states of anger, hysteria and nervousness and is excellent for mental fatigue and depression. Both spearmint and peppermint oils work the same except Spearmint is the milder choice and is safe to use with children.

7. Cedarwood Essential Oil—Due to its calming effect, this oil proves beneficial for children suffering from ADD and ADHD. The simulation will encourage the release of melatonin that improves your sleep quality and make you feel charged up in the morning. Nervous tension and anxious states benefit greatly by its calming and soothing action.

8. Ginger Essential Oil--- Warming to the emotions when feeling flat and cold. Sharpens the senses and aids memory. Very cheering and helps with tiredness, stimulating yet grounding too.

9. Rosemary Essential Oil—enlivens brain cells, clears the head and aids memory. Helps when feeling mental strain, general dullness and lethargy. Very invigorating and strengthens the mind when there are feelings of weakness and exhaustion.

10. Basil Essential Oil- a good tonic for the nerves, especially when feeling fragile, sharpening the senses and encouraging concentration. Calms hysteria and nervous disorders yet seems to have an uplifting effect on depression.

There are a number of ways to use the essential oils for energy, but the inhalation methods are usually the best. You can opt to use blends as well. Please dilute all essential oils with a base oil (good kitchen Rapeseed oil is great) 1 – 2 drops essential oil to 5ml (tsp) base oil. Remember always research the oil you want to use, especially it’s precautions.


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