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What are Essential Oils?

Welcome to OiLFACTION first Weekly Website blog, each week we will talk about different topics on Essential oils also we will pick an oil of the week to tell you the how the oil works mentally and spiritually with you.

Let’s start the first blog with the most common question of all WHAT ARE ESSENTIAL OILS??

Aromatic liquid know as Essential Oils which are extracted from certain species of flowers, grasses, fruits, leaves, roots and trees, these concentrated liquids are indispensable to medicines, food and the cosmetic industries. Did you know there are about 300 essential oils which many of them we use every day in Food, Drinks and Prescribed Drugs. There delightful aroma can enhance our moods and emotions helping us to overcome many health issues.

On average an essential oil contains one hundred components. The chief of these are terpenes, alcohols, esters, aldehydes, ketones and phenols. Plants in general are chemical factories they interface between dark and light, sun and earth and so on, the oils are the high grade fuel of plants and by taking them into our body we ingest the best the goodness plants has to offer. There is nothing better to use and the fact is they are so delightful to use and so flexible in their methods of use makes Essential Oils pleasurable and easy to incorporate into our busy lifestyles but make no mistake the oils are very powerful for eg oregano is 26 times more powerful as an antiseptic than phenol which is an active ingredient in many commercial cleansing materials.

Its takes a great deal of work to produce a tiny amount of essential oil. 60,000 rose blossoms are required to produce one ounce of Rose oil were as in the lavender plant the essential oils are more abundant and 100 kilos will provide 3 kilos of oil. Jasmine the flowers must be picked by hand before the sun comes becomes too hot on the very first day they open. The price of the each oil can reflect on were each plant is grown and the chemical makeup of the therapeutic properties between the 2 extremes a whole range of growing and picking conditions apply to the plants as well, for example Jasmine has eight million handpicked Jasmine flowers to produce one kilo of oil which makes it one of the most expensive oil on the market.

These days the medicines and household goods we use are mostly chemical-based, and the food we eat and the air we breathe contains more chemicals then what we would like, we understand that all these together are not good for us we are been chemically overloaded. Sooner or later we are going to have to find an alternative believe it or not it is right under our noses Essential Oils. The most satisfactory aspect of using Essential Oils medicinally and cosmetically is that they enter and leave the human body with great efficiency, leaving no toxins behind and they smell great as well

By taking Essential Oils into our lives we find a way to provide our family and home with protection and pleasure without polluting ourselves or our environment with Chemicals

Always remember before using essential oils understand them do not take them internally unless prescribed by a doctor or a qualified aromistices.

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