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Cinnamon Pure Essential Oil

Cinnamon Pure Essential Oil


Aroma - Spicy, sharp, sweet and musky.



  • Cinnamon Uses & Benefits

    • Excellent for exhausted states and feelings of weakness and depression
    • A very strong antiseptic
    • Eases colds through its warming action, generally restores heat to the body
    • Has an excellent reputation for resisting viral infections and contagious diseases
    • Calms spasms of the digestive tract
    • Takes the sting out of insect bits
    • Its aphrodisiac properties reputedly effective in cases of impotence
    • Has a midly astingent effect on skin
    • Love in all its many guises speaks through Cinnamon to touch those hidden areas of self that we have denied love to, bringing into our hearts the ever-understanding love and oneness.

    Best avoided in pregnancy as it could be abortifacient. High doses could cause convulsions

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