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Fennel Pure Essential Oil

Fennel Pure Essential Oil


Aroma - warm, sweet, aniseed like, peppery



  • Fennel Uses & Benefits

    • An excellent body cleanser ridding system of toxins resulting from excess food and alcohol - great for hangovers
    • Clears venom from insect bites
    • Said to activate the glandular system by imitating the hormone oestrogen making it helpful with pre-mentrual tension, scanty periods and menopausal side-effects 
    • Gives strength and courage in adversity
    • Assists in phsical matters by keeping the mind stable and functional, yet uplifted
    • Assists in remaining grounded and help us understand the lessons in this lifetime
    • Although humble fennel is strong, resonating with the infinite eergy of the aeons. With great light and fortitude it brings the light of solution into the shadows of difficulty
    • Affiliation with the Sacrel Chakra

    DO NOT USE DURING PREGNANCY OR IF SUFFERING FROM EPILEPSY  A very powerful oil overuse can cause toxicity


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