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Red Thyme Pure Essential Oil

Red Thyme Pure Essential Oil


Aroma - warming, very herby, strong


  • Red Thyme Uses & Benefits

    • White Thyme Oil is milder and less potent than Red Thyme Oil as it is further distilled from Red Thyme to make the thinner White Thyme
    • Strengthens the nerves and activates the brain cells thereby aiding memory and concentration
    • Revives low spirits, feeling of exhaustion and combats depression
    • Releases mental blockages and trauma
    • Fortifies the lungs when treating cold and flu
    • Eliminates phlegm
    • Helps the body fight disease and stops the spread of germs
    • Beneficial to the immune system
    • Used in a compress eases painful gout, arthritis, rheumatism and sciatica
    • A scalp tonic may be effective against hair loss
    • Strengthening and giving courage when needed to overcome fear and disillusionment, and helps call upon the deity for physical assistance, during visions and dream states when messengers bring insights of obstacle and how to overcome them
    • Thyme has fire in its soul enough to summon the most-mighty angels to our assistance, the force of compassion, forgiveness in might, enlightenment of the mind and spirit revealing truth and power of the heavens. Joins with our guardians in assisting us in having strength and love for ourselves
    • Affiliation with the Root (Base) Chakra

    A very potent oil, one of the strongest antiseptics overuse may cause toxicity. Avoid during pregnacy and if suffering from high blood pressure. May cause skin irritation this oil is definately less is best always blend with a base oil except when using in a diffuser

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