Red Thyme

Red Thyme


Aroma - warming, spicy, with an appealing lemony tang


  • Red Thyme Uses & Benefits

    • Good for treating colds & flu, most lung conditions
    • Deters the spread of germs
    • Helps circulation therefore helping arthritis, gout, rheumatism, and sciatica
    • Tonic for the scalp amy help with dandruff & hair loss
    • Strengthens the nerves
    • Activates brain cells aiding memory and  concerntration
    • Revives low spirits
    • Releases blockages and traumas
    • Balances and gives courage and strength during visions and dream states
    • Brings insights of our physical obstacles 
    • Affiliation with Root (Base) Chakra

    A very potent oil one of the stongest antiseptics prolonged use not recommended. Inhalation method prefered method to massage or bath. DO NOT USE IN CASES OF HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, AVOID DURING PREGNANCY

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