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Sage Pure Essential Oil

Sage Pure Essential Oil


Aroma - clear, herby and sharp 



  • Sage Uses & Benefits

    • In very small doses, can have a calming effect on the nerve
    • Helps where there is tiredness, depression and grief by uplifting the spirits
    •  Quickens the senses and aids memory
    • Has a beneficial effect on females as it imitates the hormone oestrogen helping to regulate periods
    • Treat vaginal thrush
    • Effective against water retention
    • Stops bleeding of cuts and wounds
    • Eases dermatitis, psoriasis and ulcers
    • Puts a shine to dull hair
    • Heals, protects and purifies people and spaces
    • When it's difficult to understand man's doings it brings the spiritual energy of light beings close. To purify environments and truly connect with the spirit of our homes heart and bring wisdom of the ages into our hearts
    • Scared sage cleanses and purifies the spirit, while holding the wisdom of the spheres within its fragrance while summoning the powers that heal and protect and call forth God and the celestial warriors to defend and the human spirit and Mother Earth

    Do not use during pregnancy or while breat feeding. A very strong oil less is definately best when using this oil 

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