Spiritual Upliftment Roll-on Blend

Spiritual Upliftment Roll-on Blend




  • Spiritual Upliftment Roll-on Blend

    FRANKINCENSE this sweet protector of the heavens operates far beyond the auric field, in the light realms. It will adapt to a person's spiritual state of being, like an ever watchful old friend capable of offering support. Like a vigilant parent, it will not let us go where we are not ready to go.

    ROSE the fragrance of Rose tells all who come near that this is soul perfume, a perfume of the guardians or messengers that sometimes sally forth from the heavens to guide us and stand by us in times of need or joy. 

    ELEMI emptiness fills the mind, silence creeps softly over the heart and stillness enters as Elemi is the fragrance of placidity, of the quiet need to hear our own soul speak from deep within.

    MYRTLE the gatekeeper and protector of the universe which allows entrance to the pure and abolute: where ego has no entrance-pass: where all is one, and one becomes all: where there is no beginning or end.