Aroma: Pungent, liquorice-like, very warming.

Mind: Invigorates a tired mind. Excellent Anti-viral

Body: Generally has a good effect on asthma and breathing diffuculties. Helping Migraine and vertigo sufferers and those prone to hangovers.

Emotional Healing: Uplifts, stimulates, fearlessness, harmony and balance and dispels timidity.

PRECAUTIONS: A very potent oil not to be used in massage preparations. Definately AVOID IN PREGNACY.  Less is always best with this oil. 




  • Spiritual: Aniseed  assists those who feel they have no need for prayer. In defiance of what they know deep inside themselves to be true, they travel life saying they have no need for a deity, that they believe in nothing. Yet when aniseed is given perhaps to calm nerves, something else takes place, a puzzlement, a conflict, It can be dismissed or a step can be taken to examine it further. And if that step is taken aniseed has completed its task to make the conscious mind aware even if protesting that there is a conductor of the universe and we are all part of the same orchestra.



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