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Basil Pure Essential Oil

Basil Pure Essential Oil


Aroma - Warm, rich, fiery, peppery and liquorice like. 




  • Basil Uses & Benefits

    • Sharpens the senses and encourages conentration making it a good study aid.
    • Helpsheadaches and migraines.
    • Beneficial on the repiratory tract.
    • Helps ease wasp and insect bites.
    • Helps relieve gout and muscular pain generally even deep muscle spasm.
    • Can help control acne.
    • Emotional Healing: Encourages positivity, purposefulness, clarity, concentration, decisiveness, enthusiasm, cheerfulness and strength.
    • It allows the clearance of a muddled mind that puts up a barrier to make contact with Angels. 
    • Affiliation with Throat Chakra  



     Do not use in excess. May irritate skin. Best to AVOID IN PREGNANCY.

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