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Benzoin Pure Essential Oil

Benzoin Pure Essential Oil


Aroma - Warm, sweet, chocolatey-vanilla.



  • Benzoin Uses & Benefits

    • Eases tension and stress, exhausted emotions
    • Comforts the sad, worried and depressed
    • Eases general aches and pains as well as arthritis
    • Said to control blood sugar levels helpful to sufferers of diabetes
    • Sound remedy for cracked and dry skin making it more elastic
    • Good remedy for wounds, sores, redness, irritation and itching as in dermatitis
    • Gives comfort, peace, determination, elevation while being soothing, cushioning and protective
    • This deep resin is the holder of the energies and force of sunlight, one of the joyous gifts of the universe.
    • Affiliation with Sacral Chakra




    Best avoided when concentration is needed. 

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