Aroma: Light, delicate and refreshing like oranges & Lemons with a slight floral overtone.

Mind: Its sedative yet uplifting character is excellent for anxiety, depression and nervous tension. A cooling and refreshing quality seems to allay anger and frustration.

Body: Its antiseptic and healing action seems to benefit oily skin conditions, especially when linked to stress.  Excellent for skin sores in combination with Eucalyptus. 

Emotional Healing: Encourages concentration, confidence, balance, strength, joy, motivation, good cheer and harmony.

PRECAUTIONS: AVOID STRONG SUNLIGHT after use as it increases photosensitivity of the skin. May also irritate sensitive skin.


  • Spiritual: Bergamot is an amplifier of light, energy, energising and magnifying, opening the heart to cosmic joy. Bergamot lightens the shadows of the mind bringing illumination and laughter. Bergamot teaches that the help of the angelic realms is ever there, all we have to do is reach for it. We may cry inside, our hearts aching, bergamot will lighten the heart and dispel self-criticism and blame, lifting us from stagnation, bringing an awareness that the light will rescue us and take us ever forward to the realms of peace and joy.                                              Angelic Profile: Bergamot has an aroma that can clear away the fogginess that often muddles us, so allowing the higher spiritual self to become attuned to our helpers. This has no specifics attached, except it is a receiver.                                                                                                Chakra: Heart Chakra (Anahata), 4th Chakra


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