Black Pepper

Aroma: Strong, warm, peppery.

Mind: Very stimulating strengthens nerves and mind. Gives stamina where there is frustration. Warms the heart and spirit.

Body: Useful in treating muscular aches and pains, tired and aching limbs and muscular stiffness. Good oil to use before excessive exertion like sport. Also helpful with rheumatoid arthritis. Helps with bruises.

Emotional Healing: Encourages fearlessness, strength, stamina, endurance, motivation, flexibitity and comfort.

PRECAUTIONS: Too much too often may over stimulate the kidneys. Possibility of skin irritation.

Black Pepper

  • Spiritual: This fragrance is strength and fortitude, giving us the bravery to venture forth into places unknown and unseen.Fearless in the knowledge that we will be protected and guided every step of the way.Strengh of spirit to hold fast against adversity; ingenuity to avoid making decision that may not be in our best interest and which we intuitively know is not the road we wish to take. The ability to hold fast to our dreams and aspirations when all around us is advising us in our choices.  Also enables us to listen to the inner voice of inspirition and to take chances knowing that whatever happens we alone have taken them.                           Angelic Profile: Black pepper is a protective fragrance which used with the right intent and purpose allows our guardian angels to bring protective elements into our live. It can help us when we are fearful of reuniting ourselves with spiritual aspects of life after long-term neglect.                  Chakra: Solar Plexus (Manipurak/Nabi Chakra), 3rd


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