Aroma: Sweet, herbaceous, rather penetrating

Mind: Stimulating, clears thought, awakens feelings and helps put the body and mind back into balance.

Body: Excellent antiseptic for the respiratory tract, helps minimise feverish colds by exerting a cooling influence. A drop in the bath promotes sweating, releasing toxins. Also initates the hormone oestrogen and helps alleviate menopausal problems and settle period pains. Fleas and lice make a hasty exit when pets are rubbed down with this oil.

PRECAUTIONS: A powerful oil and should be used with caution. Could in some cases irritate the skin and mucous membranes.




  • Rather stimulating, clears thought, awakens sluggish feeling and helps put the body and mind back into balance. PRECAUTIONS : A powerful oil and should be with caution. Could irritate the mucous membrane. The above information is for oils to be inhaled by using the Tantalize your senses by Colleen baskets, hanging bottles, diffusers & oil burners

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