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Cajaput Pure Essential Oil

Cajaput Pure Essential Oil


Aroma - Sweet, herbaceous, rather penetrating  





  • Cajaput Uses & Benefits

    • Stimulating, clears thoughts, awakens feelings and helps put the body and mind back into balance
    • Excellent antiseptic for the respiratory tract, helps minimise feverish colds by exerting a cooling influence
    • A drop in the bath promotes sweating, releasing toxins
    • Also initates the hormone oestrogen and helps alleviate menopausal problems and settles period pains
    • Fleas and lice make a hasty exit when pets are rubbed down with this oil (always dilute in a vegetable base oil kitchen rapeseed oil is great, before applying - 1 drop = 15ml vegetable oil).
    • Stimulating on mood and emotions

    A powerful oil and should be used with caution. Could in some cases irritate to the skin and mucous membranes

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