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Cedarwood (Atlas) Pure Essential Oil

Cedarwood (Atlas) Pure Essential Oil


Aroma -  Beautiful woody, sweet, earthy fragrance


  • Cedarwood Atlas Uses & Benefits

    • Nervous tension and anxious states benefit greatly by its calming and soothing effects, making it a valuable aid to meditation
    • Its main effect however, probably due to its expectorant properties, is on the respiratory tract and may help ease conditions such as bronchitis, coughs and catarrh
    • Excess phlegm is curbed through Cedarwood's 'drying' effect especially when diffused
    • Helps with oily skin and acne
    • Clears scabs and puss, dematitis and psoriasis
    • Good hair tonic
    • Skin soften  properties especially when mixed with Cypress & Frankincense
    • Steadiness is the message of the spirit of Cedarwood.
    • It is the oil of the ancients
    • Brings Angel wisdom closer
    • Purifies and balances the spirit
    • One of the oldest aromatics used as temple incense also used extensively in Ancient Egypt a sacred oil 
    • Affiliation with Solar Plexus Chakra

    Best avoided in Pregnancy. High concerntration may cause skin irritation alway dilute with a base oil.

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