HOW TO USE : Remove lid and plug. Using the funnel provided pour about 4ml of essential oil into the bottle. Replace the lid and turn upside down quickly. Remove lid carefully placing upside down. Replace the plug (to prevent evaporation). Replace the lide (diffuser), hold bead and pull lace out, possition, replace lace into bead and adjust length. ENJOY THE BEAUTY OF ESSENTIAL OILS.

  • OILS

    BERGAMOT : It's sedative yet uplifting character is excellent for anxiety, depression and nervous tension.

    CITRONELLA : Has a clearing and uplifting effect on the mind. An excellent insect repellent.

    CORNMINT :  It's cooling nature seems to relives states of anger, hysteria and mental fatigue.

    EUCALYPTUS : Beneficial to the respiratory tract, clears the head. An anti-viral so excellent with infectious illnesses and in the sickroom.

    GRAPEFRUIT : Has an all over uplifting and reviving effect making it valuable in states of stress.

    HO-WOOD : This oil is a peaceful oil.  Calming and a good choice when needing to relax and unwind.

    LAVENDER : It cleanses and soothes the spirit relieving anger and exhaustion.  Calming a good sleeping aid.

    LEMON : Refreshes and cools when feeling hot and bothered, helps with clarity of thought.

    LEMONGRASS : Stimulating, reviving and energising,useful in states of exhaustion. Lifts the spirits and gets things moving.

    LIME : Activating, stimulating, refreshing and uplifting a tired mind.

    MAY CHANG : A mood enhancer, treats fear, anxiety, stress and mental fatigue.

    ORANGE : Spreads a little sunshine on gloomy thoughts, encouraging a positive outlook.

    ORANGE & SPICE : A winter boon, keeps the air clear of nasty bugs while uplifting the mood on gloomy days.

    PEPPERMINT : It's cooling nature relieves states of anger.  Excellent for mental fatigue.

    SPEARMINT : Stimulates a tired mind.  Refreshes when hot due to it's cooling nature.

    VANILLA :  Soothes hyperactivity, depression, induces sleep also enhances the libido.

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