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Clove Pure Essential Oil

Clove Pure Essential Oil


Aroma - rich, warm, sweet and spicy




  • Clove Uses & Benefits

    • Positive and stimulating effect on the mind, strengthens memory and lifts depression
    • Beneficial to the digestive system
    • Eases nausea and effective against vomiting
    • Pain reliever helping tension headaches
    • Its an aphrodisiac
    • Helps heal infectious wounds
    • Encourages stimulation, regeneration, inspiration, trust and inner warmth
    • When we are in need of angelic assistance and to send with joy our thanks to these realms in celebration
    • Stirring the spirit, clove has no time for contemplation only action, such is the message of clove, move forward make things happen, achieve as much as your spirit can without harming another

    DO NOT USE DURING PREGNANCY. A very potent oil that should be used with caution, massage not being a good medium of use as it could cause skin irritation even mixed in a base oil

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