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Coriander Pure Essential Oil

Coriander Pure Essential Oil


Aroma - sweet, warm, spicy



  • Coriander Uses & Benefits

    • Is an invigorating, stimulating oil, thats awakens tired states and helps thing get moving again
    • Uplifting and refreshing, aids memory and reduces dizziness
    • Stimulates appetite
    • Alleviates rheumatic and arthritic pain
    • Stimulates the hormone oestrogen
    • Connected to Prana, the life-giving energy
    • A signal to a new life, useful when praying for guidance and assistance while you tackle a new area of your life
    • Fragrant yet subtle, like its action upon the human spirit. Gentle and compassionate it intertwines with the inner depths of the nature of man
    • Affilitated with the Solar Plexus (Spleen) Chakra

    Always dilute before using on skin

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