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Cypress Pure Essential Oil

Cypress Pure Essential Oil


Aroma - woody, warm, slightly spicy, refreshing


  • Cypress Uses & Benefits

    • Calming, even having a soothing effect on anger
    • Encourages comfort
    • Helps with fluids of all types, eg. useful in excess bleeding, haemorrhages, nose bleeds, heavy menustration
    • Helps prevent sweating of the feet
    • Menopause helps with side effect of hot flushes, hormone imbalance and irritability
    • Balancing over fluids, controls loss of water and therefore helpful to mature skin
    • Cleanses the spirit and removes phychic blocks
    • During bereavement this oil brings the Angels to console and assist us in the transition and release of earthy love
    • Cypress has frequencies that are in transition betwee the pysical and spiritual, which is why it can be used to assist in the passing over of a spirit
    • Affilitation with the Throat Chakra

    Best not to use during preganancy as it regulates the mentrual cycle. If applying to varicose veins, massage might be to heavy, rather rub in gently


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