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Elemi Pure Essential Oil

Elemi Pure Essential Oil



Aroma - Spicy, citrus and fresh

  • Elemi Uses & Benefits

    • Helpful at the start of an illness as it fortifies the body in fighting disease this is due to its strengthening effect of the body through its immmuno stitulant properties
    • Helps congestion of the lungs and controls excess mucous
    • Cooling and drying on the skin, helpful with conditions such as ulcers, fungal growth and infected wounds
    • Has a grounding yet joyous effect, instills a feeling of peace 
    • Elemi awakens the knowing which is hushed in the waking dream of reality. It speaks to the inner being, lulling the quickened heart and mind, steadying us that we can complete what we have begun
    • Affilitation with the Sacral Chakra

    Always dilute when using on the skin

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