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Eucalyptus Pure Essential Oil

Eucalyptus Pure Essential Oil


Aroma - woody, clear, sharp with a peppermint undertone



  • Eucalyptus Uses & Benefits

    • Has a cooling effect upon the emotions. Also clears the head and aids concentration
    • Its anti-viral action works well on the respiratory tract, soothing inflammation and easing mucous
    • Particularly good for influenza, sinusitis, asthma
    • Clears the head when feeling stuffy from colds or hay fever
    • Helps burns by preventing bacterial growth and puss forming aiding construction of new tissue
    • Eucalyptus is a precursor to the fragrances that exist on an angelic frequency, its role is to encapsulate the spirit within the physical form
    • Ancient hearts dance to the beat of Eucalyptus. One of earths early healers - We see with clear vision the power of healing and the many levels upon which it occurs, and with a final whisper awakens the spirit of our own healer within

    A powerful oil so less is best.  May antidote homeopathic medication

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