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Frankincense Pure Essential Oil

Frankincense Pure Essential Oil


Aroma - a haunting fragrance, woody, spicy with a hint of lemon



  • Frankincense Uses & Benefits

    • Slows down breathing producing feelings of calm. This tends to bring about an elevating and soothing effect on the mind
    • Has a pronounced effect on the mucous membranes, particularly helpful in clearing the lungs
    • Excellent effect on respiration, eases shortness of breath and useful to asthma sufferers
    • Its comforting and somewhat refreshing action is helpful for anxious and obsessional states linked to the past 
    • Gives new life to ageing skin by smoothing out wrinkles
    • Aligns with the spiritual, a 'calling' perfume. To call upon the divine orders, to send love and prayers
    • Gives spiritual protection
    • Assists in keeping the heart pure and full of understanding
    • A sweet protector of the heavens which operates in the light realms, it will adapt to a person's spiritual state of being offering support, but will not let us go where we are not ready to go
    • Elevates spiritual and meditative practise, and holds the wisdom of the universe, that which is the spiritual self
    • Affilitation with the Crown Chakra

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