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Geranium Pure Essential Oil

Geranium Pure Essential Oil


Aroma - flowery rose, sweet. soft, green



  • Geranium Uses & Benefits

    • Quells anxiety and depression and lifts the spirits
    • Puts the mind back in balance 
    • Reduces Stress
    • Reugulates hormonal system
    • Being a diuretic helps guard against fluid retention and swollen ankles
    • Stimiluates the lymphatic system
    • Effective in throat and mouth infections
    • Has pain relieving qualities
    • Good for all skin conditions, balances sebum and livens up pale skin by improving blood flow
    • Will allow us to be centred enough to bring the angelic realms closer for comfort and reassurance, and assists us in understanding both opportunties and disappointments that come our way
    • Resonates with Mother Earth. It signifies the archetypal energy of Goddess culture, and emcompasses the energy of the feminine of reproduction, birth and rebirth. When the spirit is hidden like a frighened child within, Geranium offers its warm hand of comfort, opening our hearts and memories and healing the pain
    • Affilitation with the Heart Chakra





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