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Ginger Pure Essential Oil

Ginger Pure Essential Oil


Aroma - spicy, warm and pleasant



  • Ginger Uses & Benefits

    • Warming to the emotions when feeling flat and cold
    • Sharpens the senses and aids memory
    • Very cheering and helps with tiredness
    • Stimulating yet grounding too 
    • Long hailed as an aphrodisiac
    • Relieves arthritc and rheumatic pain
    • Its a fragrance that brings stimulation and protection
    • Its stimulates us back into action, bringing into our aura a strengthening energy which is transmitted by our guardians
    • Its a fragrance of valour and courage, bringing assistance to the faint-hearted and weak giving us a sense of courage allowing us to carry on regardless, Ginger provides a tool to break out of spiritual apprehension which restricts our spiritual freedom

    May cause skin irritation always dilute in a base oil before applying to the skin

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