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Helichrysum Pure Essential Oil

Helichrysum Pure Essential Oil


Aroma - powerful, fruity, fresh, straw-like


  • Helichrysum Uses & Benefits

    • Helps fight colds and coughs
    • Helps with insomnia
    • Treat skin inflammation due to it's anti-inflammatory nature
    • Helps heal wounds quicker
    • Helps stomach ache, bloating, indigestion, acid reflux and constipation
    • Reduces muscle and joint inflammation
    • Slows down or stops candida 
    • For persistence, endurance and courage, enabling the path ahead to be clearer and full of awareness of perhaps the dangers and pitfalls of life
    • A fragrance of devic world, opens hearts to the unseen energies which affect our lives here on earth. It has a special purpose for the walking wounded - who find the past very painful to reminisce, also those who feel their physical self has lost touch with their soul

    Could cause a allergic reaction to skin always to a 24 hour test on your wrist before applying to your skin

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