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Jasmine Dilute Pure Essential Oil Blend

Jasmine Dilute Pure Essential Oil Blend


Aroma - sweet, flowery, exotic

10ml 5% blend in grapeseed oil

  • Jasmine Uses & Benefits

    • Valuable remedy for severe depression
    • It calms the nerves and warming to the emotions, producing positive feelings of confidence 
    • A boon to people in the 'helping professions' - restoring energy and generally revitalising
    • One of the most valued oil in childbirth, it hastens delivery by strengthening contractions yet relieving pain as well
    • Increases the number of spermatozoa, helping with male fertility or low sperm count
    • A favourite of the angelic realms, often a similar but not the same fragrance heralds their arrival and departure
    • A fragrance of the shining light-beings, for assistance in love, compassion and purpose
    • Jasmine shoftly embraces the spirit and heart bringing greater understanding of the conscious mind 
    • It is said that jasmine has the ability to call the angelic realms close and to be able to transmit our soul's joy and love to the universe
    • Affilitation with the Heart Chakra
    • Beneficial to all skin types

    Avoid during PRENANCY until about to give birth. Low dosage as it has narcotic like properties and could impede concerntration

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