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Juniper Pure Essential Oil

Juniper Pure Essential Oil


Aroma - fresh, fruity, slightly woody, refreshing



  • Juniper Uses & Benefits

    • Clears, stimulates and strengthens the nerves
    • Diuretic and antispetic
    • Effective against piles
    • Stimulates the body especially when feeling drowsy which could indicate a waste overload, a foot bath could relieve some of the congestion
    • A tonic for oily skin and for seborrhoea of the scalp
    • It purifies the atmosphere and supports the spirit in challenging situations
    • Assists during purification perhaps after nightmare or such
    • Use during meditation to help bring the beings of light into the setting to try understand why negative experiences may be troubling you
    • Juniper's message is to complete the tasks and learn the lessons, while clearing a pathway to the Divine Spirit
    • Affilitation with the Third Eye Chakra (Brow)

    Avoid during pregnancy and if you suffer with kidney problems

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