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Melissa Natural Blend Essential Oil

Melissa Natural Blend Essential Oil


Aroma - sweet and lemony with floral undertones 



  • Melissa Natural Blend Uses & Benefits

    • Has a calming and uplifting effect on the emotions
    • Removes 'blocks', very soothing in cases of shock, panic and hysteria
    • Gives comfort to the bereaved, helping to face loss and instilling a positive outlook
    • Eases headaches associated with colds
    • An effective insect repellent
    • Soothes insect bites
    • Calms rapid breathing
    • Checks blood flow in wounds
    • Clears greasy hair
    • Melissa is for past-life lessons, assists in moving forward and gaining wisdom from lessons learnt, also letting the angels that hae accompanied you through lifetimes give you understanding and support
    • Melissa vibrates at a very high light frequency, thus travels far. The energy it brings int the spirit comes from a place more distant than we can imagine, beyond the stars, beyond the sun
    • It is a spiritual conduit ad is thus a precious gift of the heavens at any time, but is especially appreciated before meditation or prayer
    • Affiliation with the Heart Chakra



    Best avoided in pregnancy. May cause skin irritation

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