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Myrrh Pure Essential Oil

Myrrh Pure Essential Oil


Aroma - smoky, gummy and slightly musky 


  • Myrrh Uses & Benefits

    • Gives a lift to feelings of weakness, apathy and lack of incentive
    • has a cooling effect on heated emotions 
    • When diffused has a drying action and effective against excessive mucous in the lungs, treating ailment such as bronchitis, colds, sore throats, catarrh, pharyngitis and coughs
    • Powerful skin preservative
    • Helps reduce boils, skin ulcers, bed sores
    • Controls weeping wounds and moist chapped skin
    • In the ancient world the Egyptians would burn Myrrh, know as 'phun' at noon every day as part of their sun-worshipping ritual
    • This fragrance resonates with the wounded healer by bringing understanding and compassion assisting the wounded healers who are unable to forgive themselves and carry the pain of others - it enables the letting go of the need to battle for the just against the unjust - Myrrh helps us realise the need to let go, past is past and that it's time to let go
    • Affiliation with the Root (Base) Chakra
    • For expanding the spiritual and to help those who are in need of energetic rescue
    • This deep fragrance resonates with the 

    Avoid using during Pregnancy

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