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Nutmeg Pure Essential Oil

Nutmeg Pure Essential Oil


Aroma - sharp, spicy, rather musky and warming 


  • Nutmeg Uses & Benefits

    • Invigorates and activates the mind
    • Revives fainting fits
    • A very stimulating oil invigorating the heart and circulation
    • Soothes rheumatism
    • Breaks down fats and starchy foods
    • An aid to birth by strengthening contractions
    • Balm to muscular aches and pains
    • Good tonic for hair
    • Brings the dreams of angelic realms into conscious thought, for assistance in physical neglect and to slowly help in clearing away debris we no longer need
    • Nutmeg brings dreams and prayers to their rightful home and in doing so, the highest elements of the ego take their place within spiritual wonderment
    • When the ego has received many life-blows, is depressed or unable to connect with the higher realms, nutmeg assists in the reconnection



    Best avoid in pregnancy. A very powerful oil so less is definately best, also occasional use is advised as overuse could cause mental discomfort

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