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Palo Santo Pure Essential Oil

Palo Santo Pure Essential Oil


Aroma - Sweet earth and woody with citrus tone, slightly minty


  • Palo Santo Uses & Benefits

    • Helps clear acne
    • Helps tighten aged skin
    • Restores damaged skin helps in recuperation of soft tendon injuries, reduces muscular discomfort 
    • Calms panic attacks and anxiety - rub on temples or put a few drops on a tissue when out and about
    • Relaxing and mood uplifting
    • Grounds, settles and calms, mind,body and spirit
    • Used against 'bad energies', cleanses and protects your space
    • Helps create a deeper connection to the divine
    • Vibrational cleansing and renerwal for crystals
    • Use during yoga / meditation to connect with spirit and stay focused
    • Affinity with Root (Base) Chakra

    Avoid durning pregnancy.  Could cause sensitivity to skin always dilute with a base oil

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