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Patchouli Pure Essential Oil

Patchouli Pure Essential Oil


Aroma - earthy, strong rather exotic 



  • Patchouli Uses & Benefits

    • Its earthy aura promotes a grounding and balancing
    •  Banishes lethargy and sharpen the wits, thereby clarifying problems and making the mind more objective
    • A sedative in low doses and rather stimulating in high doses
    • May cause loss of appetite which is fine if eating habits need to be curbed
    • Its binding action due to being a strong astringent and has circatrisant properties is its helpful effect on loose skin
    • Assists in our connection with the planet and the past vibrational patterns which we may encounter upon our journey
    • Patchouli brings with it the sense of sacredness of life.  Its a fragrance of action, knowing that no ideal will occur unless we take the first steps to make it happen, while at the same time it reminds us that sitting under a tree quietly is good if there is a purpose of knowing and appreciating
    • Affiliation with the Root (Base) Chakra

    Do not over use very stimulating

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