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Petitgrain Pure Essential Oil

Petitgrain Pure Essential Oil


Aroma - woody, floral rather haunting 


  • Petitgrain Uses & Benefits

    • Calms anger and panic, by giving assurance when feeling down
    • Refreshers the mind 
    • Has a soothing action on the emotions 
    • A sedative aiding anxiety accompanied by rapid heart beat or insomnia by slowing the body down, easing breathing and relaxing muscle spasms
    • Has deodorising properties
    • Allows us to gently awaken our consciousness and connect, if only briefly with the subconscious and higher self, attuning with spiritual growth
    • Stability is often needed at our most vulnerable, when feeling fragile and taking everything a little too personally and emotionally, its times like these that we need a delicate spiritual stength a gentle outstretched hand to guide us through the days when tears seem ever-present. The spirit of petitgrain is embodied in gentle strength encouraging resolutions and outcomes at difficult times
    • Affiliation with the Throat Chakra

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