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Pine (Scots) Pure Essential Oil

Pine (Scots) Pure Essential Oil


Aroma - fresh like a forest 



  • Pine Uses & Benefits

    • Lifts feelings when there's weakness, general debility or mental fatigue
    • Gives a refreshing note to a tired mind
    • Generally a good effect on respiratory problems, eases breathlessness and helps to clear the sinuses
    • Both cooling and warming depending on needs
    • Stimulates the circulation, relieving rheumatism, gout, sciatica andn arthritis, use the compress way when these conditions are very painful
    • Repels fleas
    • Valuable for congested skins
    • Has a healing action on cuts and skin irritations could help with psoriasis
    • Allows the angels of nature to enter the atmosphere, assisting during vision-quests, dream states, balancing and for holders of the star energy
    • The pines watch humanity come and go, amongst them, below them we inhale their powerful fragrance which soots through our spirit and ends in an inner explosion of understanding and in doing so brings us within the large embrace of nature, acceptance and wisdom and teaches us that love and generosity of spirit endures in the hearts of those we have loved and endures
    • Affiliation with the Third Eye (Brow) Chakra

    Pine is fine in small doses and may irritate the skin, dilute in base oil before using on skin

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