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Ravensara Pure Essential Oil

Ravensara Pure Essential Oil


Aroma - gentle, sweetish, woody 



  • Ravensara Uses & Benefits

    • Helps ease depression by giving a boost to positive thoughts and feelings of hope
    • Uplifts moods, relaxes the mind and invokes energy and sensations of hope and joy
    • Useful in dealing with respiratory track infections
    • Effective against viral diseases
    • Helps the upper respiratory track when full of cold or flu
    • Eases shingles and herpes
    • Used in healing work as its strongly protective and cleansing 
    • Clears the mind helping with concerntration with magic intent
    • Heals soul wounds

    Never  take this essential oils internally especially this one, best not used on children. Avoid during pregnancy, if epileptic or have liver damage

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