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Sandalwood Amyris Pure Essential Oil

Sandalwood Amyris Pure Essential Oil


Aroma - woody, sweet, subtle with underlying vanilla note



  • Sandalwood Amyris Uses & Benefits

    • A very relaxing oil, soothes nervous tension and anxiety
    • More sedative than uplifting
    • Reputedly helpful in dealing with obsessional attitudes and said to help cut ties with the past
    • Is an aphrodisiac 
    • Acts as a fixative
    • Soothes coughs and congestion
    • Used to comfort the dying since it helps to bring peace and acceptance 
    • Like the other Sandalwoods, amyris assists in the joining of the physical and spiritual realms, reaching beyond ourselves into the universal whole. For those who cannot visulise the connection betwee the conception of the universe and the conception of mankind
    • Stretches out into hallowed spaces between heaven and earth to contact the divine presence, bringing wisdom into mediation, quieting us to hear and rejoice in the choral singing of the universal soul, the infinite meditation

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