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Tangerine Pure Essential Oil

Tangerine Pure Essential Oil


Aroma - sweet, light, tangy, citrus 



  • Tangerine Uses & Benefits

    • Said to have an almost hypnotic effect being helpful with stress and tension due to its soothing action on the nervous system 
    • Effective on the digestive system dealing with most gastric complaints
    • Stimulates the flow of bile thus helping to digest fats
    • Activates tired and aching limbs
    • Good massage oil as its packed vitamin C
    • Brings colour to pale skin
    • Helps smooth stretch marks, especially when blended with Lavender and Neroli
    • Brings a sense of security especially healers and spiritual workers by lifting your spirit and helping embrace your challenges with grace and sincerity and by helping you be present in the moment

    Do not expose skin to bright direct sunshine after treatment

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