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Radiator Room Freshener BASKET 100% made with Natural Products.  AIR FRESHENER - The baskets are a fabulous way to freshen your home. To start put a few drops of your choice of essential oil onto the arrangement leave open or closed and place in room. Top up at your discrestion.ON RADIATORS - Place on hot radiator putting a few drops of oil, letting the oil drop onto the bottom of the basket. Leave for 5 to 10 minutes and remove.

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    AIR FRESHERNER - Essential Oils are a fabulous way to freshen / scent your home naturally, with no CANCER causing chemicals some oils are not only lovely to smell but are also beneficial to your mental health and wellbeing. The baskets are a fabulous way to freshen your home, just place where you like and let it do the rest. The oils will need topping up approximately every month to keep things smelling beautiful.
    USE ON RADIATORS - The Tantalize your senses baskets are a great way to scent the home quickly and are made from natural materials.
    DIFFUSERS & OIL BURNERS - The oils are also safe to use in a diffuser or oil burner. (use as per the products instructions).

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