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Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil

Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil


Aroma - fresh, sanitary, pungent 


  • Tea Tree Uses & Benefits

    • Refreshing and revitalising especially after shock
    • Helps the immune system fight off infectious diseases
    • Strong antiseptic oil
    • Sweats toxins out of the body
    • A massage with tea tree helps fortify the body before an operation
    • A great anti-fungal which kills mould, mildew and fungus, helping with fungal infections
    • Very cleansing, clearing boils, carbuncles and pus from infected wounds
    • Clear spots and blemishes caused by chicken pox and shingles
    • Helps dry scalp as well as helps eliminate dandruff
    • Clears the aura and purifies the soul, known to protect you from and help avert a curse

    Could cause irritation to sensitive skin

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