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Vetiver Pure Essential Oil

Vetiver Pure Essential Oil


Aroma - deep smoky earthy scent 


  • Vetiver Uses & Benefits

    • A calming oil soothing stress and tension
    • Settles the nerves useful just before lecture or a visit to the dentis
    • Balance and grounding
    • Deeper psychological problems may also respond especially where there is too much sensitivity and openness
    • Its balancing effect on the central nervous system instills a more centred feeling and may be useful in helping people ease off tranquillisers
    • A boon to sufferers of ADHD and Austism, calms, relaxes, grounds and helps with sleep
    • Said to cleanse the aura - the energy field around the body - and to strengthen the auric shield which can be instrumental in keeping out disease
    • When deep secrets of the soul are hidden in the heart, buried so deep they do not distrurb the waking dream of who we think we are, Vetiver awaken those secrets which often involve the realisation that we are not alone in the universe. Gently and without disturbing the creative forces Vetiver steadies and calms any inner disquiet, and in that calmness may come the answers we seek.
    • Affiliation with the Root (Base) Chakra

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