Birch Sweet

Aroma: A rather antiseptic, refreshing, balsamic, woody, green.

Mind: Has an invigoraing, even rousing effect on the spirits.

Body: A generally purifying oil, helps keep infection at bay. Reduces accumulation of uric acid in the joints and is good for rheumatism, arthritis and muscle pain generally.

Emotional Healing: Encourages protection, focus and concentration.

PRECAUTIONS: Could irritate sensitive skin. Best to use sparingly a very powerful oil.

Birch Sweet

  • Spiritual: A high-spirited essence of instruction and advice. It is there for whenever a clear pathway is needed for communication. It is a protective spirit whichguads and guides, clearing away thought pollution or mind debris. It can stop unwanted energies being transferred into our environment. If violation has occurred in any form, then this is the essential oil to use in a sacred space before using other more spiritually connecting fragrances. It is the celestial dustcart, sweeping up the misdirected and misguided thought-forms.                                      Angelic Profile: Birch assists in struggles of a spiritual kind, clearing away the physical barriers that impede us by keeping the veil down.               


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