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Yoga Room Spray

Yoga Room Spray




  • Yoga Room Spray

    YLANG YLANG is tender-hearted. It shields and guides the passion of love and true emotion, whilst allowing a tender awakening of that sensual part of our being and spirit which can embrace all things. It will open our hearts to the pleasures which God has given to us as we walk our mortal path.

    ORANGE is imbued with the energy of sunlight and the radiance of the stars. Its fragrance has the adaptability required of such a high energy. So at times it may be gentle at other times it may give the determination needed to enliven the spiritual sense of being.

    FRANKINCENSE this sweet protector of the heavens operates far beyond the auric field, in the light realms. It will adapt to a person's spiritual state of being, like an ever watchful old friend capable of offering support. Like a vigilant parent, it will not let us go where we are not ready to go.

    SANDALWOOD a fragrance that stretches out to the universe into the hallowed space between heaven and earth, to contacty the divine presence by bringing us into a meditative stae, quieting us so we can hear and rejoice in the choral singing of the universal soul. It brings us into the great cosmic prayer, the infinite meditation.

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